AHA BLS Instructor Video USB


The BLS Provider Course Videos on USB features the same content as the BLS Provider Course DVD Set and BLS Provider Course Digital Videos. The convenient USB digital format includes the required video segments for the classroom-based and blended learning options of the BLS Provider Course. The USB allows Instructors to access course videos with the USB and does not require an internet connection.

The BLS Provider Course Videos on USB are to be used by a single AHA BLS Instructor to teach the BLS Provider and BLS Renewal courses, and to conduct skills practice and testing sessions for HeartCode® BLS. Instructors can select the version of the course they are teaching from a dropdown menu.

The goal of the BLS Course is to train participants to save the lives of victims in cardiac arrest through high-quality CPR. The AHA designed the BLS Course to teach healthcare professionals how to perform high-quality CPR individually or as part of a team. BLS skills are applicable to any healthcare setting. BLS students will learn rescue techniques for adults, children, and infants.

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